Moonstone Jewellery: Facts, Maintenance and more

As Makeup is a highlighter of your beauty, Jewellery is an enhancer of a person’s personality.

And while it doesn’t hurt to look your best and wear the ornaments that make you look like fine wine, it always adds to the charm when that jewel protects, nourishes you, and has a  positive impact on your life.

Using Gemstones in your jewellery can have numerous health benefits. Yes, a Gemstone jewellery is an Eye Candy as well as a proven Health Attendant.

A Gemstone used in Gemstone jewellery is a piece of mineral that is obtained from real born crystals.

However, to be able to be called a Gemstone, the matter should be tough to break, scratch and mould, and should be clear enough.

More than 200 gemstones have been found worldwide, till now. These shiners can bring radiance to your Gemstone jewellery such as Earrings, Healing Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, pendants, etc.

Nevertheless, we will be talking about your Moonstone jewellery in this article.

Moonstone is a type of Gemstone that looks something like this:

The above picture is of a raw Moonstone, the natural form of it without any modification, development or grooming.

Moonstone Jaipur Crystals India

This is the Moonstone after it gets polished. It is the piece that is used in your Moonstone Jewellery.

A Moonstone or any Gemstone Jewellery for that matter, looks pretty, enhances your beauty and highlights your features in its best possible ways. But there's more to just enlightening your outer appearance.

Your Moonstone Jewellery:

  1. Looks after your health
  2. Adds aesthetics to your style
  3. Needs maintenance and cleanliness to shine like you need it to

Here are some of the facts about that Moonstone in your Moonstone Jewellery that will drop your Jaw in Awe!

  • Moonstones have been in use in Jewellery since the ancient civilizations lived. According to Roman people, Moonstones are derived from the freezed rays of the Moon, and therefore they were extremely fond of them.
  • Roman and Greeks, both cultures associate Moonstone to their Lunar Gods.
  • Moonstone Jewellery again, gained popularity in the Art Nouveau period and have been in trend since then.
  • Naturally in unusual and soft Blue Hue shade, Moonstones are found in other colours as well, like:
  1. Peach
  2. Cream
  3. Yellow
  4. Pink
  5. Blue 
  6. Grey
  • Another Moonstone used in Moonstone Jewellery,the Labradorite (Rainbow Moonstone), is not a true one, just a related Moonstone. There is a relation but not the typicality, only due to composition of it.
  • Your Moonstone Jewellery is your medicine, literally! It marks your pain points and its impersonated healing:
  1. Balances you emotionally
  2. Relaxes your mind and body
  3. Infuses acceptance
  4. Stretches your intuition
  5. Infuses Creativity, Direction and Passion
  6. Calms your fears
  7. Brings growth to your confidence and readiness to act
  8. Aids in Digestion, eliminates toxins and improves your eyes, Hair, Pancreas, liver and Skin.

Yes, this Gemstone Jewellery does more than just shine!

  • A Moonstone is used as a Tool since long.

People believe this crystal stone jewellery has the ability to tell the future. Yes, according to ancient confidence, if you put the moonstone in your mouth during the full moon, you can read your time ahead.

This predicted ability to tell the future is believed to be due to the Moon’s gravitational pull and its power to influence the energy ahead from the stone.

  • It is believed that Moonstones are the carriers of great fortune.

Prehistoric Greeks and Romans believed the moonstones have been carved out from the actual Moon. And, as per their experiences, they have witnessed its healing and soothing properties which have a larger portion of contribution in this faith.

This Gemstone Jewellery is a protector, inspirer, bringer of good fortune and intuition, and promoter of success. It is a precious jewel which needs care and safeguarding.

And so, if you own one, its Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage activities have to be curated sensitively to preserve this Gemstone Jewellery of yours!

Here is how you can take care of its cleanliness and maintenance.

  1. Take care your Moonstone doesn’t brush up/bump against any sharp, harsh and edgy surfaces. Avoid using harsh clothes to clean the stone. This can cause scratches and dullness to your stone.
  2. Whenever you’re lifting heavy items, cleaning house or other essentials, make sure you have not worn any Gemstone Jewellery. Also, take care it doesn’t come in contact with harmful detergents and other chemically active substances.
    This is because even a little jolt, scratch or crack on your stone can initiate damaging its beauty and powers.
  3. Storage: Here comes the main aspect. Prevention is better than cure they say. The most important element however, is keeping a safe distance. It is necessary to store the Moonstones in a thick clothed box or bag, away from other jewellery so that your Moonstone doesn’t bang or brush with other metals.
  4. And lastly, clean it in a traditional way. Soak your Moonstone jewellery in a warm chemical free detergent water for five minutes or warm soap water for a little longer than that. After that, clean it gently with a Microfiber cloth or a Cotton piece to avoid causing little marks and wash it with water.

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